Information of customers who use our B-2
30.9.23013 by Buisson
I have just received the two B2 this morning and installed one already on one of my systems.
Congrates for the product and as you say, it allows adjustments to various factors, including speakers.
I have now to learn how to use it properly, as far as bass enhancement is concerned, but no more "FLEBLELEB" dance at all of the boomers.
In addition to my previous comments, the improvement is also effective from other sources (tape, cd, tuner) in matter of  adjustable bass enhancement only, as there are - in principle - no subsonic disturbances from such inputs. But I can now hear deep bass sounds (undistorted) I never heard before !
Components of system1 using B2 :
LINN LP12 with carbon Project arm and  LINN Addikt MM cartridge
Kenwood (Kensonic)  L1000C preamp with integrated phono MM/MC input
Kenwood (Kensonic) L1000M amp
Celestion DITTON 66/or
Celestion DITTON 662/or
Celestion DITTON  66 MK II
Others inputs : Kensonic L 1000 series Tuner and CD; tapes : Revox B77, Alpage cassette deck.
Thanks so much and long life RECKHORN !!!
Kind regards
P. Buisson