Pre Amplifier + Digital Crossover + Amplifier combination with a
digital sound processor at the typically fair RECKHORN price.

The A grade production of the new DSP-6 is now available
  The changes are as follows::
- Control knobs are now precisely centered
- The analog input 1 has a higher sensitivity at 0.5 volt accommodating low output
- The USB cable has been shortened to 3 meters and is of higher quality for improved signal transmission
No separate Pre and Power Amplifier required; connects to any standard Amplifier via CD, AUX or Preamplifier input. The digital 3 way stereo crossover (6 identical channels) can be selectively programmed with a Laptop  or PC. A 3 meter cable is included.
The accuracy of the controls easily surpasses those of any analog crossover. Each channel offers:
- 5 equalizers at any particular frequency and band width.

- High and Lowpass to a maximum 36 db slope.
- time delay compensation 1 mm - 10 meters.
- The mode selections can be saved (stored) permitting pre-programming of different speakers in various rooms Routing via a
   Cirrus Logic sound processor.
The integrated 2x20 Watt digital trafoless output stage is controlled by output "C";  i.e., for the tweeter, for mid bass output "B", any existing amplifier can be connected via the AUX or CD output. It is of course possible to operate a full range speaker via output "C". Output "A" can be used for a subwoofer.
The level of each channel can be adjusted to obtain the correct volume ratio with external amplifiers. This is achieved by selecting the HOME menu button and adjusting the slider using the mouse or numeric keyboard control, for example -3db.
A download program is included in the price of the unit. Please ensure that your PC is compatible with Windows 7 or older versions. Program and mode selection is either by keyboard or mouse. It is encouraged that you experiment with the various speaker and operating features in order to establish the best possible sound and most pleasing musical presentation.  Even High-End do it yourself (DIY) systems will benefit substantially with improved fidelity in a new dimension of listening pleasure and enjoyment.
The program is running on all operating programs Window XP to Windows 8 up to to 32-bit, but not on 64-bit versions and Apple.
Reckhorn DSP-6 Setup V3.3 Digitale Soundprozessor Software Download downloads: 1594 | type: zip | size: 12 MB
Adjusted layout in Reckhorn DSP 6 Setup V3.3
1. The size now fits on a 17 "(laptop) monitor
2. The left and right channels are either together or individually programmable The already stored on the DSP-6 setting is taken over by the new
    program. On the computer stored settings of the previous version (*. Ini) must be recreated as (*. Dat).
3. time delay improved up to 6.8 meter / 20 milliseconds

B grade DSP-6 digital Crossover  € 299.- 
The first series had a production flaw in that the Volume and Select controls were not correctly centered. (see red arrows). Naturally the B grade also carries a 2-year guarantee and a 14-day return privilege.