1. Why is there no stand by mode?
A circuit for power consumtion < 0.5 watt would add approximately EU ($) 30,00 to the price. Alternatively the DSP-6 may be connected to the main amplifier via the switched 110-230 V mains socket, thus permitting operation of the DSP-6.
2. Why is the DSP-6 not supplied with a remote control?
Again this would add additional cost of EU ($) 30,00 to the unit. If the DSP-6 is connected between preamp and power amp, the volume can be controlled by the main amplifier.  Also, the on and off function of the DSP-6 can in this configuration be controlled by the main amp; therefore, a remote control would be superfluous.
3. Can the DSP-6 be connected to a AV receiver?
Yes, in the stereo mode the FRONT PRE OUT (preamp output) front left plus right is connected to the DSP-6 INPUT 1 or 2. Unfortunately only a few AV MAIN IN= provide a back loop in the AV power amp section; therefore, a separate power amplifier is necessary when connecting a speaker system to each DSP-6 output. However, instead of using GROUP C cinch out, the SPEAKER OUTPUT C can be utilized. The available 2x20 watt of the DSP-6 are sufficient to drive efficient main speakers and most tweeters. In the surround mode an additional DSP-6 would be required for the rear and another for the centre. A new program update will be offered in February 2014.