6-channel digital speaker crossover

€ 159.- 

 DSP-6 Mini speaker crossover for home and car hifi

DSP-6mini crossover back side

DSP-6mini crossover with equipment

DSP-6mini crossover bottom side

With 6 channels / 3 x stereo and very good data (see below), the unit surpasses all others of their price class. The DSP-6-mini (digital signal processor) crossover is connected between pre amplifier and power amplifier or PRE OUT and MAIN IN of separable full-amplifiers. The individual setting on the computer does not require any special PC knowledge. After the free download of the user-friendly program, the sophisticated loudspeaker user recognizes the tremendous potential for sound improvement and room correction even before the purchase of the device.

The 2 interfaces show  in clear graphics all functions which can be adjusted via keyboard input or mouse. The 220 V power supply makes the device usable in every place.
Fixed pixel size of the program display = 1024 x 600
DSP-6-mini Setup Download for the program installationdownloads: 438 | type: exe | size: 6 MB
Can be used in the car with the optional 12 V adapter (not included).

Application example DSP-6mini:


Reckhorn DSP-6mini Anwendungsbeispiel

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