A-800 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier 1 x 800 W / 2 Ohm

€ 299.-
The A-800 has the same chassis as the A-500 to another circuit concept:
A bigger analog PSU with 1000W toroidal transformer combined with digital end gusset. This allowed the performance to be increased in the same compact masses to 800 watts RMS without cooling problems and fan. This power reserve is valuable for the operation of one or more interconnected subwoofers with low efficiency and low bass boost. A manual or automatic raising (with Einmesssystemen) of sloping deep bass is pointless without at least 50% Amplifier Reserve. The lowest octave between 20-40 Hz requires about 70% of total output.In this area, it does not depend on subtleties, but sheer force = fast, strong power delivery for transient response in deep bass, even at very high volume.

In addition to the above-mentioned Subwoofers the A-800 is ideal for 4 x BS-200 Körperschallwandler

Technische Daten:  
Power requirement 230V/50 Hz speaker relays prevent overheating or a possible electrical short
Damping factor 250 an 4 ohm
Power output/distortion 500 W rms / 0,7 %  - 4 ohm  /    580 W rms / 10  %  - 4 ohm
  800 W rms / 0,7 %  - 2 ohm  /  1000 W rms / 10  %  - 2 ohm
Frequency range 10 - 400 Hz / -1dB
Signal to noise ratio > 95 dB
Input sensitivity variable 0.2 - 2 volts   / 10 k ohm
Low bass variable 35 - 400 Hz / 24 dB
Maximum power consumption 1300 watt
Fuse T 6A / 250 V
Length, height, depth 340 x 105 x 220 mm
Weight 8,2 kg
Quick (condensed) installation instruction
  1.Power cord not connected, SENSITIVITY turned completely counter clockwise=7:00. HIGH CUT=12:00
  2.Mono RCA cable from INPUT LEFT or RIGHT to AV unit SUB OUT or stereo RCA cable into Pre
    amplifier-CD-DVD-PC signal output or other signal sources
  3.connect to AC power and switch on=green LED must light up
  4.activate signal source with prominent low bass music content at low volume
  5.turn SENSITIVITY slowly clockwise until normal listening volume is reached
  6.check if Subwoofer or/and Bodyshaker are functioning and sound properly
  7.Adjust HIGH CUT
  8.Turn SENSITIVITY counter clockwise until volume is decreased
  9.Turn signal source to approximately + 80%=higher signal voltage
10.Again increase SENSITIVITY until maximum power is reached without stressing or overdriving the speakers
11.The sliding switch is set to GND. If hum appears from the house ground please set to LIFT.