A-1000 Subwoofer Amplifier , mono 1 x 600 W / 2 – 4 Ohms
Caution: a distance of less than one half (0.5) meters to tuners and antennas should be avoided to prevent possible interference.
The A-1000is connected via a mono RCA cable to the subwoofer output jack/LFE of a surround amplifier or stereoamplifier having a subwoofer output function. Additionally you can integrate the Reckhorn S-1 parametric electronic crossover to obtain precise and effective audio adjustments. Other stereo amplifiers have to be equipped with a preamplifier output,PRE OUT, in order to allow an RCA cable connection to the S-1 INPUT. The S-1 SUB OUT is then connected to the A-1000 INPUT and the S-1 OUT leads to the stereo amplifier poweramp section MAIN IN. The SAT OUT FREQUENCY control function of the S-1 may also be suitably adjusted to prevent low bass overload of the satellite speakers. The ouput stage of the A-1000is designed to operate without the need of a transformer therefore, the amplifier operates in the digital mode producing a very high power output. The unit is of compact dimension and creates very little heat, which is barely discernable by touch. The amplifier is extremely dynamic and effortless, delivering ample reserve power before reaching clipping and distortion levels. The S-1 is ideally suited for high-power demanding ,dynamic subwoofers or to drive several body shakers. The price to performance ratio is excellent.