A-405 Subwoofer Amplifier
Subwoofer amplifier with complete frequency and room adjustment
This professionally designed and built amplifier satisfies the highest demands of the music listener in respect to power, frequency adjustment, room acoustic settings and the variable satellite output signal. The die-cast aluminum housing serves as an oversized heat sink and various protective circuits ensure a high degree of reliability and provide speaker overload protection.
The new A-405 is a superior class amplifier but was specifically designed for use with the BS-200 or any other type / model of bass shaker.
The output signal of the A-405 is not amplified when listening at very low volume, therefore a connected subwoofer will not be energized
in such situation. To operate the BS-200 or any other type of body shaker it is neccessary to inrease the amplifier volume sufficiently to achieve the desired effect.
At normal listening volumes however, the A-405 can be operated with any subwoofer by setting LEVEL SUB at 9 o'clock or higher.