A-408 Subwoofer mono amplifier 1 x 400 W / 2 Ohm

299,- € 

One of the most flexible subwoofer amplifiers on the market today.

Improvements over model A-407:

- Stronger 500 Watt toroidal transformer
- Stronger TOSHIBA output transistors
- Higher pulse power, up to 485 watts
- Auto on/off functionality can be enabled or disabled
- Optimized control ranges and eliminated residual hum

Built-in speaker protection circuitry prevents the subwoofer drivers from thermal overload damage. Two independent EQ sections. Built-in crossover for your satellite speakers directs deep bass only to the subwoofer. Anodized cast aluminum housing acts as an effective heat sink and keeps the operating temperatures stable.

Extensive control range with EQ:
LEVEL SUB: sets the subwoofer output level HIGH CUT: subwoofer crossover frequency BOOST LEVEL: strength of the bass boost EQ BOOST FREQUENCY: bass boost EQ frequency EQUALIZER LEVEL: strength of the bass cut EQ EQUALIZER FREQUENCY: bass cut EQ frequency SUBSONIC = low bass filter frequency (rumble filter) PHASE = variable phase rotation (delay) LOW CUT = satellite speakers crossover frequency