BTE-1 + NS-1 Bluetooth 3.0 Receiver and USB AC line plug

€ 19,95

Send your music from your Smart Phone, Laptop, Tablet or PC via Bluetooth to your stereo system

 Bluetooth Receiver BTE-1  

NS-1- USB 1 AC line plug


Connect the Bluetooth receiver  BTE-1 ( RCA cable to a 3.5 mm stereo connector), then to your stereo system, or other portable stereo unit via LINE IN, AUX,CD or any other input. Dial in the Bluetooth function of your desired station, then connect the BTE-1 to enjoy the programm from your speaker system. With the use of the included USB AC line connector, repeated re-programming of the Bluetooth Receiver with the computer or other equipment is not required.
Technical data :
Enclosed items :
Bluetooth version 3.0 to 10 m
compatible with AD2DP,AVRCP
HFP NFC=near field connection/
automatic near field connection
Internal battery rechargeable via USB
or AC line connector
Integrated microphone
and headphone output
white ABS case
weight 121 g
English language user guide
Bluetooth receiver 84x63x21
USB AC line plug
60 cm USB charging cable
120 cm RCA cable to 3.5 mm