T-1.0 dome tweeter pair 12,95 €  
This 25mm soft dome is produced slightly cosmetically different for high end suppliers and is sold for a multiple price. We have it on stock with identical technical quality in industrial packaging (plastic bag + carton) which we can offer very favorable.
The outstanding features are:
- exceptionally neutral sound without sharpness
- 6 dB crossover with low-loss 4.7 uF polypropylene capacitor and resistors for 3 volumes
- very compact design for substructure in small spaces such as mirror triangles
- accessories for under and surface mounting

Active mode:
Both T-1.0 dome tweeter and
F-6.5 midrange speaker have enough potential to enhance the sound quality by separating amplifiers the bass-midrange and dome tweeter.
The crossovers are integrated in the radio and / or in the power amplifiers.
We recommend:
Bass-midrange with 24 dB with subsonic bass relief at 60-80 Hz, high frequency / low pass 2000-3000 Hz = 12-24 dB. Tweeter with the lowest frequency / high pass 2000-3000 Hz, 12-24 dB. An existing time delay should be used to compensate for the left / right distances and considering the time differences for bass midrange.
installation sketch
Power handling with factory crossover at 0 dB = 50 watts
Power handling with factory crossover at -4 dB = 80 watts
Power handling with active crossover
3 kHz / 12 dB = 120 watts
Impedance 4 ohms
frequency response 2.000 - 20.000 Hz