Alubutyl ABX-tra -  PRO version of ABX piece = 47,90 €  

The 2015 version has a blue hard anodized aluminium foil.

1. No smell and very sticky.
2. The edge does not stick  on the next layer because aluminium and
    silicone paper overlap.
3. Our packing protects the end from gluing to the next layer.
4. Can be applied on clean metal even at 5° Celsius.

Technical data:
product number ;
aluminium thickness
butyl mix thickness
weight per m = 4,4 kg = total ca.
temperature range
packed with plastic film      
0.1 mm
2.4 mm
8.8 kg
Celsius -30 up to 80°
54 x 14 x 14 cm
The width of 50 cm can easily close
larger holes airtightly.
2.5 m² is enough for 2 car doors

0,5 x 5  Meter = 2.5m², thickness 2.5 mm
Please wear gloves because the hard alumnium is sharp.
Our ratio aluminium + butyl has been proved to be the optimal mixure. For extreme cases you can stick 2 layers on each other.
A stronger aluminium foil is useless:
The high damping is based on the soft material which absorbes the moving energy and transforms it into heat. The aluminium foil stabilizes the soft mass on the surface but no deadening.