Self adhesive noise dampening nonwoven DV-10

Improved version with high-quality protective film - easily removable.

4 mats with 1500 mm x 400 mm x 8 mm = total area 2.4 m²
with a high density of approximately 1.25 kg / m²
DV-10 is self-adhesive ideal for vibration and noise reduction. Possible applications are eg. in a car in the door and side trim, dashboard, headliner or under the carpets in the interior, as well as in the home for any sound, including speakers and subwoofers.
The DV-10 insulating nonwoven is to stick in the car before the rain protector and is not suitable for areas that are exposed to moisture. Applicable is the insulating nonwoven in the temperature range from -40 to + 90 ° C.
Airborne sound is converted by the friction of small particles / fibers within porous materials in heat.
The insulating effect of the DV-10 is better than in similar mats with thicknesses of 8-12mm, because they contain less material.

Our insulating nonwoven has a very strong adhesive coating. The protective film is easily removable by the side overlap.

Weight per mat 0.75 kg.

We recommend a combination with our ABX or ABX-tra Alubutyl for an superior insulation effect.