H-100W 30cm horn driver 69,- €   

H-100W 30cm horn driver
Only long-standing know-how and high-quality components result in an optimized driver. Most horn drivers have weak membranes, which cannot withstand the high air load of front-loaded horns. Press once on the center of the membrane. Even at low pressure you can make it into a curve. The H-100W membrane possesses an unmatched stability weight ratio - the most important requirement for accurate sound.

8 fiber film strips appear static like a cross bar, reinforcing the stability, especially in the problematic center by a multiple (patent pending). Another problem area is the membrane neck, because the movement of the voice coil hits this weakest point. The separate ABS membrane neck is much stronger than any normal membranes in this important area. Again, the cross bearer concept is applied. Furthermore, this area is open (ventilated) no compression between the diaphragm and magnet. (German Patent No. 10 2008 018 206) 

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