P-6.5 Passive radiator 16 cm / 6.5 "with variable weights 

Unit price 14,95 € 
The better solution over bass reflex tubes are passive membranes. The P-6.5 passive diaphragm fits 1 x 16 cm Ø, 1 to 4 x 10 cm Ø and 1 to 2 x 13 cm Ø speakers.
You can also combine a 20 cm speaker with 2 x P-6.5.

The main advantages are:
1. No space problem with reflex tubes in compact housings and no flow losses
2. No tube / breathing noise
3. No midrange audible outside
4. The P-6.5 is tunable by 3 removable weight plates



The hard anodized aluminum membrane weights of 20 g. The 3 discs weigh 20 g each and can be removed. To do this, turn the rear nut to the left with a pair of long flat-nose pliers.
The screw at the front and the nut directly at the back of the membrane are firmly glued - please do not remove!
The effective membrane weight can now be adjusted with the 3 discs. For special fine tuning you can cut use smaller disk or screw or other weights.
When tuning by ear, firstly test with 3 discs, which fits our D-165 subwoofer speaker chassis in below HiFi ULTRA-SUB. For further improvement with DSP we recommend our DSP-6mini. Its 3 stereo channels can also control the midrange and treble range (link) funktioniert nicht. For lighter and smaller main speakers, reduce the discs until the low bass sounds best.
When tuning according to the measured impedance curve, both impedance maxima should be the same.
10 cm loudspeakers are combined with P-6.5 without disc, 13 cm loudspeakers and lighter 16 cm diaphragms fit 1-2 discs.

Rule of thumb:
Heavy passive membrane = balanced and deep bass - lighter passive membrane = louder, but not so deep bass.
For 2-3 weights, we recommend turning the P-6.5 by 180 ° every year, so that the rubber edge is loaded more evenly


Reckhorn's 17-centimeter woofer D-165 was extremely positive in the last comparison test of this chassis size:
As a subwoofer driver it makes an excellent figure.
This is not only due to the ideal parameters for this application: large moving mass in connection with a very strong drive and outstanding long-stroke, but also surprisingly low mechanical losses.
This is the important parameter for good sound in addition to the distortion values.
The large-format long-stroke voice coil, the brute-hard aluminum membrane and the solid cast basket are certainly not expected of a chassis for 30 euros. Here is to speak of a very exceptional and excellent value for money.

Reckhorn's D-165 offers great deep bass and is extremely talented in terms of sound.
The price is not only fine, it is sensational.