H-80 corner horn subwoofer    
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technical data:  
concept front loaded coner horn with cylinder enclousure and bottom side sound output
design cylinder covered with black microfibre textile and top side natural marble plate
driver 13" woofer W-330D4 with dual voice coil
impedance variable 2 x 4 ohms or 1 x 8 ohms or 1 x 2 ohms
efficiency 95 dB 1 watt / 1 meter in 50 m² living rooms
frequency range 20 - 500 Hz
recommended range 20 - 80 Hz
power handling 2 x 100 watts rms
impulse power 2 x 200 watts / 2 seconds
dimensions height 75 cm + foot 8 cm, diameter 39 cm
weight 16 kg
recommended cable 4 mm² up to 10 meters, 6 mm² up to 20 meters
Driver W-330D4  
aluminium casting frame diameter 330 x 365 mm, mounting hole 305, mounting depth 150 mm, 6-hole mounting diameter 335, large ventilation behind spider
magnet system double ferrite rings with superior force, 3-point screw fixing yoke directly on the frame, ventilation holes for pole piece and air gap
voice coil 2" glassfiber bobbin with 2 x 2 layer copper wire of 250 C° class,winding height 28 mm, ventilation holes above the wire
damper 180 mm heat and long term stabilized NOMEX with integrated braid wire
cone 600 cm² effective diaphragm from air dried non-pressed mix with carbon fiber, 6 corrugations for center cone reinforcement, 2-time chemically hardened, 30 mm wide and high excursion foam edge
dust cap same material as cone with bullit shape
weight 4 kg
W-330D4 13" precision subwoofer driver
Unfortunately speaker construction is compromising. There is hardly one good feature without any disadvantage, examples:
very stabil diaphragm - high weight
high efficiency - lightweight weak cone
very long cone excursion - low efficiency
Fundamental know how and high quality parts are the conditions for an optimized driver. Even expensive bandpass and horn drivers have weak cones which cannot withstand the high air load resistance of front loaded horns. If you press from the back side into the middle of the diaphragm you can make it into a curve. The W-330D4 cone has an unmatched stability-weight relation - the most important condition für precision sound.