The balance of quality without compromise
2 piece 44,95 €
  5 piece 109,95 €
The harmonization of all frequencies of full range speakers present a definite challenge in combining a small diameter cone of light weight for brilliant heights and a heavier cone for the mid and upper bass range. This objective must be considered during all phases of the design. Intelligent optimization of all aspects in planning, design and production is paramount. Reckhorn found a solution for a full range speaker with a spherical enclosure.

The spherical full range Speaker S-15

- point shaped sound radiation is equal to a microphone recording
- no running time alignment and transient response deficiencies due to two way design systems or passive crossover networks
- direct, impulse stable control by the amplifier
- ideally suited as a near field monitor or desk top application with listener distance less than 0,3 meter
- suitable for  multiple applications and versatile use
Desk Top
On the desktop placed beside the monitor these spherical speakers present an optical highlight with outstanding sound. The elegant stands aid is creating the illusion of the sound being suspended in space. The transparent sound not being muddied by reflections from the work surface. The speakers require an amplifier with a minimum of 2 watts and can be supplemented by a subwoofer
Living Room
The combination with surround systems such as 5.1 or 2.1 stereo systems, these spherical speakers impress with exceptional mid- and highrange qualities which can be further improved by the addition of a small or mid sized subwoofer.
Outdoor or Garden
For outdoor use protection from precipitation is required. The sphere and speaker diaphragm are moisture resistant.
Wall mounting
With an optional wall and ceiling mount the speakers will find application in all areas in a house, restaurant, store, etc. Their use is limitless.