Images of the versatile S-15 Spherical Speaker

photo detail
rear view
The optional wall bracket is adjustable in all directions. The positioning towards the listener greatly benefits the higher frequency range and imaging.
Assembly and fitting of the stand: The 3 pins are tightly fitted in their respective sleeves of the triangular plastic support. To ease assembly use a suitable tool such as a ball point pen to slightly enlarge the sleeves, then insert the pins from the bottom. With a final twisting motion attach the pliable feet.

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S-15 Spherical speaker assembly instructions for downloaddownloads: 288 | type: pdf | size: 916 kB

S-15 Spherical Speaker in a living room

Satellite application of S-15 Spherical Speaker in an office

Mounting bracket for the S-15 Spherical Speaker
The optional mounting brackets can be positioned into any desired direction. Positioning towards the listener is of advantage as it greatly enhances the higher audio frequencies. The brackets can be used for wall or ceiling mounting
and also for vehicle use with suitable installation hardware.