The S-15 Spherical Speaker was not designed or produced for high sound levels but rather for high quality sound.

With its small size and a 83 mm speaker cone, the speaker delivers a basic sound but no real bass, it is therefore
recommended that a subwoofer be incorporated. Higher sound pressure levels can be obtained by adding a 24 db
steep bass filter below 100-150 Hz frequencies. An active crossover is recommended for this purpose.
Such crossover feature can be found on all modern AV receivers or on older equipment via the SMALL function.

Technical innovations and solutions in the design of the S-15:

1. A spherical speaker enclosure is considered the best design regardless of the chosen speaker chassis. Normally a speaker enclosure in size of 150 mm will not  be able to accommodate a chassis greater then 50-60 mm. Such small speakers however are not able to produce adequate sound under 150 Hz. Voices have no natural timbre and sound therefore thin and tinny. Crossover frequencies to a subwoofer would be too high. The cast design of the S-15 will accommodate a driver with a 83 mm speaker cone in the front section of the sphere.
2. The special features of the speaker components:
a) the custom anodized aluminum membrane achieves nearly the same high stability of a ceramic type cone.
b) the slits in the cone aid the stability of the membrane. Any remaining resonance interference is effectively eliminated by the integrated design feature consisting of 4 asymmetric slits which are then sealed with a special damping compound. Two additional cuts are added to the aluminum dust cap which is mounted directly on the voice coil.
c) the fiber glass voice coil is precisely controlled by the specifically designed neodymium magnet.
d) the integration of the compact magnet with the speaker basket assures that the rear compression of the speaker cone is kept to an absolute minimum.
e) the ABS speaker enclosure and the cone are water resistant and therefore provide long time service and excellent sound quality even under high humidity conditions and outdoor use.
f) the tripod table stand aids in the airy sound and contribute to the pleasing design feature. This three point stand design further allows the speaker to be oriented directly towards the listener.
Technical Specifications:
Black 15 cm ABS spherical speaker enclosure
10 cm high stand
Speaker terminals at the back of the speaker
30 watt RMS power handling capacity and as satellite above 100 Hz 60 watt RMS
Frequency response: 80-20000 Hz
Impedance: 4 ohm
Weight: 0.3 Kg
10 cm wide band speaker with anodized aluminum cone and neodymium magnet.