S-30 Spherical Speaker with our Digital Crossover DSP-6

 The sound is open and transparent, ...

appearing to unfold from space and not coming from two boxes.
The sound stage is open and airy and unsurpassed by any other speaker.
The patented coax speaker is mounted in a 30 cm spherical enclosure (second grade),
 € 398.- the pair, a saving of € 100,-
The S-30 spherical speaker will be available only as second grade until approximately fall 2014.
A short personal test report with photos and permission for us to use will be honoured with a
10% reduction of the purchase price.

Special Features of the S-30:

The Reckhorn Coax Speaker is designed to produce a totally free sound transmission of the
bass midrange Music spectrum and surpasses any other enclosure design in this respect.
- the coax speaker is mounted in the front half of the black hammer surface-finished cast-
 aluminum housing. The other half of the sphere is made out of special ABS
 (acrylnitril-butadyne-styrol) material.
- the 16 cm mid bass cone is made out of deep anodized aluminum with 7 asymmetrical
 specially-situated incisions.
- the 28 mm deep anodized aluminum dome tweeter (ceramic-like) is also designed with
 these special asymmetrical incisions.
The dome tweeter cone and voice coil are a one-piece design. This allows unrestricted signal transmission and provides excellent cooling.
- the lead cables from the coax speaker are routed through the tubular stand, terminating at the bottom.
- the S-30 speakers do not have a crossover; therefore, the DSP-6 Digital Crossover is especially recommended for use with these Speakers.
- the technical design and production process of the S-30 equals that of the most expensive DSP-driven active speakers.
- the set-up and operating procedures follow as per download.
Customer citation: "The boxes are superb in the mid-bass and display absolutely no colouration.
One experiences the spherical sound pattern." Read on.....


Full range with extended bass and above-normal listening level.downloads: 543 | type: dat | size: 0 kB

This set-up adjustment contains a heavy bass boost which particularly results in a low bass output. A specifically desired approximate + 10 dB boost will result in increased cone excursion, which in turn restricts the sonic output of the S-30 to just above the normal listening level. Doubling may occur. This will require reducing the volume level. A distinct knocking sound signifies extreme cone excursion which must be avoided.
For higher volumes the bass boost should be reduced to approximately + 4-6 dB or lower.
A steep cut-off at the subsonic range (30 Hz) should be selected and maintained in all listening situations

Satellite use from 60 Hz in combination with a subwoofer at approximately 50 Hz.downloads: 481 | type: dat | size: 0 kB
If a high volume (listening) level is desired, a separate subwoofer is definitely recommended.
The adjustment for satellite use of the S-30 has been specifically designed to compliment the performance of our H-100 Eckhorn subwoofer
For high volume listening levels the crossover frequency from the subwoofer to the S-30 should be selected at approximately 80-100 Hz
Both of these adjustments take into account a 6 cm setback of the tweeter in order to facilitate proper time alignment. Not covered by these adjustments is the time alignment of a subwoofer; therefore, the following Information is provided:
If the distance of the subwoofer to the listener position is 200 cm further than the satellites, you should delay the bass-midrange 200 cm and the tweeter 206 cm.