Technical Specifications:  

spherical enclosure

diameter 30 cm front: cast aluminum,black hammer finish back: ABS, black. Stand of steel tubing with a black hammer finish height:60 cm, combined height 90 cm
cable extension tweeter 1.5 mm 2
cable Extension base/mid 2.5 mm 2, specially soldered and insulated
Bass/midrange 16 cm deep anodized aluminum cone with
7 asymmetrical specially-designed slits
Motor Neodyne Magnet N 38SH, 38mm Polyimid glass fibre voice coil, X-max= 6 cm
Power handling 50 W RMS with bass boost, 80 W linear,120W with high RMS pass 60Hz/36dB
Frequency Response 35-5000Hz with digital bass boost 50-5000Hz without bass boost
Impedance 4 Ohm  
Tweeter 28 mm deep anodized dome cone in a single unit voice coil and 5 specially designed slits


Motor Neodyne magnet N38 SH with polyimid voice coil winding capable of handling temerature up to 250 C
Power handling sharing with bass Speaker via digital crossover with highpass 1800 Hz/dB
Frequency range 1400 - 20.000 Hz
Impedence 4 Ohm