S-300 spherical speaker with patented 191mm coax 

pair / 398.-
The dream of sound without interfering speaker feeling is now realized. Between the sphere arises a stage with precise localization ability of all details in width and depth. The speakers disappear acoustically as sound source. With closed eyes, the musicians sounded like gathered alive. For deep bass extension and increase of maximum level, and climb to the highest sound class, we recommend the addition of our H-100 cornerhorn subwoofer and the digital crossover DSP-6.  und die
The new 30 cm sphere is made of hard plastic with an elegant matt coating. The 6 internal braces increase stability and reduce cavity resonances. However, these and other problems of square boxes are low or omitted, instead of having to fight it costly. The sphere is the best form for speaker enclosure - here in symbiosis with the optimal speaker: The patented C-191 coax.
Passive solution:
The ideal frequency response of bass midrange (drop over 2000 Hz) and high frequency (resonance frequency below 1000 Hz) enables 6 dB tweeter crossover with few components without phase problems. This version is ideal for all applications where an active solution is hardly feasible or expensive as for surround with 5-9 speakers. By simply docking the crossover from the outside, you can quickly convert to active.
Active solution:
The highest sound class can only be achieved by active operation with analog or at best digital crossovers as our DSP-6.
Here are our recommended settings for download for the DSP-6:
S-300 + H-100 downloads: 456 | type: dat | size: 5 kB
S-300 +bass boost downloads: 469 | type: dat | size: 5 kB
The programming can be changed as desired, for the purpose of fine tuning for individual listening and room situation.
The level of each channel can be adjusted to obtain the correct volume ratio with external amplifiers. This is achieved by selecting the HOME menu button and adjusting the slider using the mouse or numeric keyboard control, for example -3db.



Speaker stand:
Free sound request free line up. The S-300 is "floating" in the upper ring of the stand, where it can be rotated in all directions - the preferred mode is to the listener position directly.
 Technical data:
Shpere enclousure Diameter = 30 cm,  ABS plastic with matt coating
Stand ABS tube, Height 71 cm, Total height with speaker 98 cm
Kabelanschluss Separate terminals for bass-mid and tweeter
Coaxial driver C-191
Power handling  RMS 50 W RMS with bassboost, 80 W linear, 100 W with high pass 60 Hz / 36 dB, 150 W Impuls capability with high pass 
Frequency response 35 - 20000 Hz with digital bass boost,  50 - 20000 Hz without bass boost
Impedance 4 + 4  Ohms

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