The concept of the sphere enclosure resembles the function of the human head. If a loudspeaker chassis could be implanted into a human head, it would be the perfect solution to replicate the human voice.

Any deterioration in sound occurs when installed into square, flat baffles or other shapes that do not have a spherical form. A good example of this is to speak normally and then place one hand flat against the side of your mouth, then place your other hand flat against the other side. You will notice that the sound becomes “thicker” as though it was coming from your chest and is less precise and therefore distorted. Professional recording engineers hear this sound coloration from their studio monitors which are rarely spherical in shape. This “thickening” of the sound is compromised by adjusting the corresponding frequencies selectively, however, some sound colouring remains and is only reduced slightly.

The S-300 performs with clarity and precision without adding any “thickness” to the sound. There is no longer a requirement to “cheat” by lowering the lower-midrange frequency in recordings to compensate for this thickening of the sound and the S-300 sounds more precise and accurate. After a short period of time, you discover this is the ideal voice reproduction and nothing else will compare.

The same applies to the lower-middle range of all other instruments which the S-300 analytically reproduces and exposes low recording techniques. A good test is to play loud, strong piano music and compare the performance of the S-300 against the best high-end speakers available - you will be amazed!