Drum & Bass
For the sound check of subwoofers,
M. gave us a pair of drum sequences provided.
Listen as we have the items you selected in MP3 format.
You can test on your system for you the files in the original wav file as a free download.
Soundfile 01 Mp3 Soundfile 02 Mp3 Soundfile 03 Mp3 Soundfile 04 Mp3
To evaluate and adjust subwoofers, you can use appropriate music - but better, longer repetitions without a lot of music in the mid-range. You can turn the knobs and listen to the response of the subwoofer at different volume levels.
The u.g. Wav files should sound deep, strong, fast - especially in the decay. We hear from the usual  subwoofers clearly the lack of responsiveness or reset time of the membrane after the signal = deafened it. Here is where the H-100: The bass drum is fast, brutal and without sponginess in live volume.
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